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tv   Headline News  RT  August 25, 2014 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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the headlines on r t russia promises to send another aid convoy to ukraine seeing this time it will get held up as the humanitarian situation in the conflict zone worse. under kiev's constant bombardment locals in eastern ukraine resort to burying their loved ones in their own backyards as the journey to the cemetery is too dangerous to me. also this hour islamic state just to see a mass of inflow of foreign fighters as their global recruitment campaign against western countries. in the border crisis breaks out between the u.k. and from britain slums french plans to create a refueling stop for thousands of illegal migrants trying to cross the channel.
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live from our new center here in moscow you're tuned into r t international my name's union o'neill welcome to the program the genetic region in eastern ukraine has injured another twenty four hours of heavy shelling from the ukrainian army rocket launchers have ripped entire neighborhoods apart at least two locals died when this apartment building came under fire destruction and casualties are widespread across the region residential areas as well as at least one hospital on one church were among the recently hit targets. so i was out there was that i didn't want you but what i did you see what i. felt for you if you did what right think it was good fortune do you feel good but don't.
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leave the bar substance for forty so we're charging for the drive was hard to deny it was the real shit we've got through all the suffering so gargantuan. civilians continue to battle a humanitarian crisis russia plans to send another aid convoy to eastern ukraine that's according to a statement by russia's foreign minister ortiz from one cos trip has been following the story. russia will continue participating in all efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to ukraine this second convoy with the russian humanitarian aid will head for the shell shocked southeast of the country this week. the few military institution in ukraine is getting wars any slowdown of aid would violate international law so would like to agree on the conditions for sending the second convoy on the same route with ukrainian authorities as soon as possible we're convinced it must be done this week now russia's initial humanitarian aid convoy
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was told that the russian ukrainian border for a week and that's despite the fact that all the necessary documentation was send so all parties involved long before a russian humanitarian aid convoy actually crossed the russian ukrainian border russia was accused by ukraine and by the west of violating ukraine's national sovereignty plus there were also other allegations that russian humanitarian aid might be actually something other than what represented in the game were not confirmed by the international red cross all the ukrainian special services or the multiple members of the international press that were there at the border for thousands of citizens of eastern ukraine shelling and bombing has become an every day gruesome reality people now are learning to cope with their families and friends falling victim to kiev to sold paula slayer as more this is
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a place where they're living among that did and way they did being buried among the living. under this mound of lies the love of puzzles mind his wife media. we were. puffball takes me to the place where luke million was killed it's only a street away she was walking home when the missile hit. by. any young. have all made ten years ago he says god smiled down on him that day. ruined their words through.
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the streets of ghostly quiet except for a few children who've braved the sunshine in between shelling residents hunkered down in sailors as mortar and artillery fire rains down telephones are broken mobile phones almost never work and shops are boarded up and running looting the mood of the media that a little bit of a geek was the prevailing sway with you leaving. but. the symmetry is about five kilometers away from the town of shaft horse it's a straight road to get there but it's very difficult to take when you're coming under shelling. if gainey is a volunteer grave digger he says one hundred fifty people have died in the past three weeks that's seven a day many of whom never make it here. for love. or worth of omar but the bodies are piling up and like pavel residents are
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dazed in shock he gives us his daughter's phone number and asks if we will call her with no access to the outside world he hasn't told her her mother is did as the ukrainian army closes in terrified residents prepared to wait it out surrounded by they did pull the c.r.t. shutoffs eastern ukraine. meanwhile ukrainian president petro poroshenko has vowed to spend an additional three billion dollars on the military but leading economists say that the country's war chest is as good as empty since it gives finances are in tatters on the surface things missing rosy after the international monetary fund granted ukraine a seventeen billion dollars loan but the terms of the credit could create problems most importantly the national debt to g.d.p. ratio should be no higher than sixty percent a figure that the i.m.f. itself forecast will be surpassed by twenty fifty in fact it's expected to rise
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dramatically in just four years in july the ukrainian economy shrank six and a half percent year on year on top of that ukraine has to repay nine billion dollars this year at a time when its currency is an all time low economist jeffrey summers believes it's a catastrophe. we have this ever shrinking g.d.p. we have the loss of crimea horse the lost production in the donbass region and the cost of the civil war itself so it's really quite a catastrophe and i would say that the i.m.f. is in denial regarding the ability of ukraine to pay bondholders or itself. not only is the country's g.d.p. falling but its energy bill is increasing and this represents not only a worsening of its balance of payments position but also makes ukrainian industry you know what little there is left function and even less competitive even higher energy costs moreover we have the situation or it has to pay for expensive gas with
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a declining currency is. the conflict the heartland if you crane's economy they didn't that region that's where the country's main g.d.p. driving plant some factories are based many of them have been either badly damaged or shut because it's too dangerous to work in a war zone much of the regional infrastructure has also been destroyed expert in global financial markets plan for young not even the riskiest investors want to take a chance and ukraine's economy right now. it's really a tragedy for the people of ukraine and what we see at the moment is in a colony that is all the verge of a death spiral we've all the asli see all of the sorts of terrible warfare that are happening within the borders of the country that's a tragedy because actually it's the eastern corner of the country around. the industry is that really adds to the overall g.d.p. what's the news we hear out of ukraine all the time fighting warfare problems who's going to invest in the back of up nobody who's going to invest in
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a call to me where you don't have a clear rule of law where you cannot appreciably believe that some way squandered taken away through bribery or indeed all right still nobody. check out our website for the latest updates on ukraine there we also report on possible reasons for kiev silence about the whereabouts of missing russian folk who journalist and who disappeared in ukraine exactly three weeks ago. british politicians have lashed out at french plans to set up a refugee camp that would serve as a refusing stop for thousands of migrants on their way to the u.k. they say would act as a magnet attracting even more desperate people trying to enter britain through the french port city of cali the u.k. has a border checkpoint there but the city authorities are complaining that britain is shifting its burden to france forcing the country to deal with the ever growing
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flow of migrants or. planes what's fueling the discontent on both sides of the channel. in the french quarter galle this has become a familiar sight destitute migrants the majority from east africa and the middle east have made the town that temporary home these makeshift tents on an industrial wasteland have been nicknamed the jungle. i have never seen in my life you see i come from the war to police for example for their life is better gum disease estimates put the number of migrants here in cali one of the hoff thousand of these men women and children have been queuing up for the past two hours to get some food provided for them by a volunteer organization and for many of them this is the only meal they're going to get to eat all day the majority of the people we speak to tell us their aim is
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to make the journey across the english channel it's believed hundreds try to get to the u.k. illegally each week stowed away in lorries alleyways mess says the town is so besieged by refugees that locals fear for their safety and it best is a pulling out of the area so frustrated as natasha bouchard that she said she's willing to buy ferry tickets to send all the migrants over to britain she's even called for the u.k.'s border to be moved from its current location in the cali ferry terminal over to the port of dover. there is only one police in the world where country's borders are not physically located in their own country and those here in cali clearly doesn't work we are hostages of the decisions and the policies of the british government i'm demanding that the border is moved back to its own country britain's borders should be in due were in the united kingdom it's not our job to control britain's borders kelly come to coop and they don't care how bad
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things are for us just twenty miles across the channel here in the. ok hasn't exactly got its arms wide open the british government is so concerned over the migrants desperate attempts to make it to britain in dinghies and makeshift vessels that a special fleet of border force boats has been assigned to patrol this coastline as for the suggestion to move the u.k.'s borders away from france the u.k. government has told us it's not in their plans the locals in dover tell us that they've already had enough to service so many that we can tally this from says responsibility if they reaching their shores and believes then they should maintain a responsibility golden triangle for those words just because it's a problem that no one wants to have isn't a back in cali dinner time is while they hear these men and women's lives are taken
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up by simple questions like where their next meal will come from or how they can get a shower are the authorities in france and britain continue to wash their hands of them. kalai and. according to french officials the migrant situation in the city is getting out of control callia police arrested over seven thousand illegal immigrants during the first six months of the year that's more than double the whole of twenty eight thirteen more news coming your way after a short break including the story of a man for whom the sky was not the limit. those who want to get involved to stop isis in iraq are allied with isis is syria we still should be doing everything we can to support the free syrian opposition we
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will continue to provide military assistance and advice to the iraqi government and kurdish forces as they battle these terrorists. on marriage and the financial world. to see these developments have not stopped the advance only taken from the demands of credit not going to get any economic benefit in life. and down fox. it's like you know when the bullets to stop. because it's like duck duck duck that's a backpack that. moment so it's almost like there's a beat the blue and then you just see the big sound it's like a bass. welcome
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back it's said that to invent you need a good imagination on a pile of junk for one russian combination helping to attain heights others can only dream about being a caution of a reports on the journey of a lifetime. surrogate and his eight year old son took a flight to their holiday destination there'd be nothing exceptional about that word not for one thing you will get a little i made a plane we flew in myself i know every single tiny parts of it and of course it gives me great comfort i feel confident about it has spent over five years building and from scratch using mostly fiberglass plastic old machinery parts and has inexhaustible and from sarah ganim has sunny keita spent a total of twenty three hours in the sky travelling from the heart of siberia to the coast of the black sea. i was born in a very remote area in
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a small village there were no roads there it was like living on an island once my father told me that when i grow up i would be able to build some type of cross-country vehicle that would get me anywhere i ever wanted to i was always dreaming about it but his real passion for airplanes started back in ninety seven when russia introduced a new law that allows anyone to have a private plane for personal use so we didn't use a list but i had to overcome a number of challenges because it is a self made aircraft i had to attain a special certificate for the plane aviation experts had to acknowledge it is safe to operate so now i am a legal user of the flying space but the shaft cheek families and bishan reaches even further. one day we took a globe in decided we wanted to go to the equator if you draw a straight line from the city of soup to the equator you get to the most you this is the place we now dream of visiting together with my son there's only one thing
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standing in their way the himalayas sergei sas he needs to obviate the engine to increase the flying out to change and as we've come to learn for him not even the sky's the limit might in the question are. just an extraordinary story french president francois hollande has accepted his government's resignation after the prime minister dissolved the cabinet. being asked to form a new cabinet by tomorrow choose the ones after a rebellion over the president's economic policies on sunday the economy minister said that it was time to resist what he called germany's obsession with austerity this agreement between euro zone countries has come on the back of very poor regional g.d.p. growth in recent months german chancellor angela merkel blames your own neighbors fronts among them saying they are unable to deal with their high deficits but analysts michael moore all sees germany's austerity policy will not solve the
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problems. i don't think that france is able to follow my example to the french government always promised things to do to make a store in t. but we know right now that is not the solution to the crisis if you see to the south of the euro europe governments italy greece spain and so on we must admit that austerity has not solved anything but made things even worse but on the other hand i mean spending money and making more debts is also not a solution so we are in a real dilemma here. criticized in france merkel has got the support of the spanish prime minister but not of his people locals gathered to protest against austerity poking fun at the two leaders while they were at it the german chancellor met marianna with a hallway in santiago de compostela where they express their solidarity when it
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comes to promoting spending cuts. perhaps more of a worry for the german chancellor is what's happening at home the business climate index is an early indicator of a country's economic development based on interviews with thousands of firms who are value with their prospects here's how germany's companies see their future not good optimism has been doing when doing for months taking as an especially sharp downward turn at the end of august right here to stand at its lowest level since july twenty third dean unless say the trends suggest that a german economic downturn is possible in the near future. we also have plenty more stories for you online including i don't know miss strikes again the hiker group has taken sides in the gaza conflict targeting israeli government websites more on our team dot com. and if you ever wanted your own ton it's your lucky
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day one's up for sale at bargain prices this story in full on our web site. fighters from the islamic state reportedly executed almost seven hundred inmates of a prison in the iraqi city of mosul the un human rights watchdog has already said this could amount to a crime against humanity. is a major city in iraq's north it's been serving as a launching pad for the extremists advance on baghdad civilians have been desperately trying to flee this job a strong. the islamic state rather kills are also managing to carry out a successful global recruitment campaign that's according to the latest report from a syrian human rights watchdog last month more than six thousand men join the jihad some of them from western nations and it's not just adults the extremists they don't mind having the young fight for them too like this thirteen year old belgian boy earlier this year he traveled to syria with his older brother to fight
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alongside the radicals the islamic state has been increasingly turning to social networks one extremist posted images of a child to capitated a goal in a reenactment of the american journalist execution the caption urges followers to teach your children to cut next. canada has also become one of the recruitment centers for the islamic state militants that is according to local and mom who claims the islamists are infiltrating universities and mosques across the country. you have the isis camp you know refuge in the rescue or has been very successful and they have very successfully recruited canadians europeans americans i says it's beginning to it's the end of time for i think the other world. people are from british again has been fighting via their numbers you know hundreds and thousands of people from best and war who are fighting via i don't quite know was created in a while we started and you can see now well what kind of destruction
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and atrocities the padded out on door similarly isis is worsening of qaida and they are not going to stand just in sudan or are going to come every really unable to continue our violence. and they are not going to stay in syria and iran believe me. let's delve into some more headlines from around the world more casualties have been reported after the restaurant of his really are strikes that targeted different areas including two mosques in gaza israel says these were being used to store weapons and as a meeting places for militants warning not the offensive could continue into next month over twenty one hundred palestinians have been killed since the operation started including nearly five hundred children. of the of the north. of the. citizens
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of the caucuses republican elected the main opposition candidate as their new president the country's leader will have to deal with a legacy of years of rampant corruption that's led to poverty and a shattered economy the snap elections were triggered by a wave of protests this spring that ofsted the former head of state here's what the president elect said after the results were not. the other we should. i think the results show that we've found common ground with the people of apology they want they want to normal life major economic and political changes our first priority. fast spreading wildfires have broken out in north india to the central part of the region was hit by a large earthquake firefighters are struggling to contain the blaze amid gusty winds and extremely dry conditions some one hundred fifty homes have already been evacuated but another five hundred lie right in the fire's path. in the u.k.
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dog owners are said to be killing their pets with kindness but britain's canines naaman the most obese in the world and authorities under former reports it's not just portly pets that might need to look at their diets. bruce the box is fact and he's trying to shed some pounds that lack of exercise imposed so him believe you need size to almost. twice he's ideal weight these will be honey and goats milk every morning and any dinner in the evening and obviously the few treats of biscuits only goes into he's in good company though research shows over half of britain's dogs are in fact obese that's up fifteen percent in four years and makes them some of the fattest in the world a quick straw poll of our own helped explain why. give them chicken fillets. chili sticks and if you can get their arms will actually have of perfect inches put in the bathroom for the same results we don't get. that julie jones is only
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too aware of the problem but says often dog owners aren't feeding their pet just one cup of tea is the human equivalent of eating a hamburger and being overweight consider fairly effect a dog's health it is their pet and they love him dearly and i generally say you came in with love they get joint problems ok then they get heart problems and then it's difficult to proving. but surgeries like julie's are offering help in fact three courses if you kate betts now have at the city clinics chubby canines including bruce being put on a diet of wholesome food and exercise well fifty five kilograms proof he used to be known as rochester's heavyweight boxer he's now down to forty nine kilograms but the thing is he's not the only saggy dog story in the u.k. there are currently four million dogs that are overweight. and animal experts don't
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expect that figure to fall fast dogs are like their owners so the saying goes and with over sixty percent of britons now obese that is becoming the new norm but individual owners you can do something about it only quickly but again i think just like you tube and obesity now it's got to the point of being so common. it's going to take a long time to do with the sign. there's no looking back the smarties losing he's got as an impressive rate for him at least it's nothing tastes as good as slim felix and. london. making a lot of new friends and that report well after the break an r t we report on a rare medical condition that makes people age prematurely do stay with us.
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if you look at my generation of americans and even more so at the millennium there are a lot of people with all sorts of piercings and tattoos everyone wants to express themselves by getting the exact same cliched tattoos and piercings as everyone else but can we discriminate against these people because of their and out appearance normally people are against discrimination because of punishes people for the way they were born their raise search gender but no one was born with big metal loops stretching out their ear lobes so essentially yes you can't judge someone by their tattoos and piercings because they got these done consciously as an adult i mean we all know that you need to dress up on a first date or job interview to make a good impression and well having the words thug life written up your forearm are not very convincing to me that you are going to make a valuable employee or girlfriend one of the worst things that we tell children is that you should never judge a book by its cover the problem is that no one has the time to open up all these books and investigate so obviously ninety percent of the time we're going to be
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judging each other by the cover of our book and if that cover is full of dead fetus tattoos like one guy i know that you should expect a lot of bigoted reactions over the course of your life but that's just my opinion . my name is tony right is and i have a ph d. in mathematics on the mathematician and i also blogger and i write about this week is gender madness.
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i will devote this documentary in parts to my grandmother that passed away two years ago because she loved russia and she's in heaven now but she would want me to do this that's why i think about yesterday am i doing the right thing should i do to should i expose the gender madness or not but my grandmother a mother would want me to do this. right you guys just to get my brain function. this is the feminist power did it more to come into the parliament can i ask.


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